Cafe De Colombia:

We can't say for sure that it was the Colombian coffee that achieved liftoff that day, but we can't not say for sure.


We were tasked with reintroducing Cafe De Colombia to those who had not seen the iconic Juan Valdez spots. The campaign was launched with a long form video. Colombian coffee has been such an integral player in the development of coffee culture. We just needed to remind people of that. 



From the rich history to the character of the people involved in the process , there is no shortage of stories to tell when it comes to Colombian coffee. Our digital platform gave us an oppurtunity to engage and interact with people as we took them along the journey from bean to cup. 

Cafe De Colombia:

Director: Aircastle
Agency: Rokkan

Art Director: Brad Kranjec
Copywriter: Tommy Dudley
Creative Director: Jeff Samson
Creative Director: Anthony Dipaulo

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